Responsible Asset Management

Responsible Asset Management, LLC. is a boutique investment advisory firm offering investment management solutions to individuals and institutions. The firm provides proactive portfolio strategies utilizing an objective and disciplined approach designed to balance risk with opportunity. This process combines quantitative and qualitative research with fundamental and technical analysis in order to construct strategically diversified portfolios, designed to meet the needs and goals of our clients.

Our name, Responsible Asset Management, was chosen, not only to reflect our commitment to the fiduciary responsibility for our clients, but also to recognize, for those clients who desire, our socially responsible and sustainable investment management solutions. The depiction of a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram in our woodcut logo is an obvious play on the name of the firm and the fact that we are, indeed, located on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains. We also like to think that the ability of the Ram to negotiate and survive the rugged terrain, natural predators and unpredictability of its mountain domain, in a way reflects how we see ourselves as responsible for negotiating the ever challenging investment environment for our clients.

Responsible Asset Management, LLC. is an independently owned Limited Liability Company registered with the State of Utah and is licensed as an Investment Advisor with the Utah Division of Securities.

Securities and Advisory Services may be offered through NPB Financial Group, LLC. Member FINRA/MSRB/SIPC. NPB Financial Group, LLC. is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Responsible Asset Management is not affiliated with NPB Financial Group, LLC.