Investment Management Process

Risk Profile

A risk profile is constructed for our client with regard for their respective investment portfolio. A client's investment objectives, time horizons, liquidity needs, long-term and short-term volatility tolerance as well as investment experience are assessed in order to determine risk tolerance limitations and investment return expectations. The risk profile will align our client with one of five distinct risk strategies; Very Conservative, Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, Aggressive

Asset Allocation

Utilizing the Risk Profile, a corresponding Model Portfolio Strategy is selected and a client specific Asset Allocation is recommended for the respective investment portfolio. The allocation is designed to diversify the portfolio among various asset classes in order to reduce the potential for risk and improve the potential for income and/or return.

Portfolio Monitoring

The corresponding Model Portfolio Strategy is reviewed on an ongoing basis and as changes are made with the model, the Asset Allocation within the client investment portfolio is adjusted and realigned accordingly. Clients receive a Quarterly Report & Performance Review and are encouraged to meet with us regularly and as needed, provide additional information that may alter their Risk Profile.

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