Schwab PCRA® – Professional Management

Let Responsible Asset Management help you chart your own retirement journey.

Take advantage of an opt-in solution (Schwab PCRA®) offered inside Utah Retirement Systems (URS) 457 or 401k retirement accounts! This is a great opportunity for individuals in public employee education, public safety and fire departments, and government entities to access thousands of investment options.

Responsible Asset Management acts as your professional financial manager within your PCRA. We help you align your investments with your values, your retirement horizon, and your financial goals.

With a professionally managed Personal Choice Retirement Account, you’ll benefit from your own personal fiduciary advisor to implement your investment strategy.

Your Schwab (PCRA®) is already included in your Utah Retirement Systems Retirement Plan (URS). It is an opt in solution offered to you as a Utah Retirement Systems Plan Participant. The Schwab (PCRA®) is known as a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA), which allows you access to thousands of additional investment choices that are not offered in your retirement plans, standard investment offerings. The Schwab (PCRA®) allows for you to have an investment professional manage your investment account.

The Schwab (PCRA®) Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA) if for the retirement savings investor looking to enhance and broaden their range of investment choices. Having access to thousands of investment choices allows for a more robust and specific investment portfolio, specifically designed, and tailored to meet your investment risk tolerance and retirement goals.

Yes. The Schwab (PCRA®) has a quarterly administration fee of $12 (charged by the Utah Retirement System and subject to change). Responsible Asset Management’s, investment management fees are competitive and very reasonable. Your fees are calculated and based off the amount of assets in your account. Our investment management fee is deducted from your Schwab (PCRA®) each quarter. There is nothing you need to do. The process is automatic. A fee management schedule is available upon request.

The Schwab (PCRA®) allows plan participants saving for retirement to investment in more investment alternatives, allowing for the flexibility for each participant to match their investment strategy with their acceptable level of risk. The Schwab (PCRA®) allows participants to make timely adjustments and initiate changes as necessary. The Schwab (PCRA®) also allows you to work with your financial advisor, paring your retirement planning strategy with your investment account.

No. One of the perks of the Schwab (PCRA®) is that your retirement savings never leave the structure of your 457 or 401k. All the plan features and options available under your Utah Retirement Systems plan remain the same, your money is simply being invested in the Schwab (PCRA®).

You control deposits into your Schwab (PCRA®) and transfers back to your URS 401k or 457 via your myURS access. As your investment advisor we do not have access to your funds for distribution. We do not direct funds into and out of your account. We will continually work with you, so you may transfer funds to and from accounts to meet your investment objectives and goals.

If your current employer offers the Utah Retirement Systems plan, the Schwab (PCRA®) is included as one of the investment options for you. Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from using the Schwab (PCRA®) in your retirement plan. We will help guide you through the enrollment and setup process

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are fiduciary advisors to you. Although we are not affiliated with your employer’s retirement plan, the Utah Retirement Systems allows plan participants to work with investment professionals of their choice.

We are legally and ethically bound to put your interests before our own. Unlike Broker-Dealers who are only required to meet what is known as a suitability standard, which has no requirement to put your interest first. We do not earn commissions from your account. Our fees are charged as a percentage of your assets under management.

Once we help you set up your Schwab (PCRA®) and your enrollment process is complete, we will handle all the investment decisions pertaining to the investment selections within your Schwab (PCRA®). We continually work with you to access your risk tolerance and retirement saving goals. Your authorization allows us as your advisor to have full power to supervise and direct investment of your account, making and implementing investment decisions without prior consultation with you.

Give us a call today. We can explain your Utah Retirement Systems Retirement Plan and the Schwab (PCRA®) option in further detail. You may also explore, or the following link sponsored by the Utah Retirement Systems, detailing the Schwab (PCRA®) in further detail.

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